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Vehicle Idle Reduction

Stealth Power has been running municipal fleets in Austin, Washington DC and recently in New York City. Cities have realized at least a 40% reduction in fuel costs but even more significantly, their maintenance costs have dramatically declined.

For ambulances, standard maintenance schedules require all filters and fluids to be changed weekly; with our idle reduction technology, the maintenance cycle has been extended to once every 30 days. Since the vehicle is not typically running --‐ when on scene, at the hospital or while waiting for a call -- engine wear is also dramatically reduced. Stealth Power won’t void the warranty on the installed vehicle. APPLICATION AREAS: DISTRIBUTION COMPANIES; RENTAL CAR COMPANIES; POLICE OR EMERGANCY MANAGEMENT VEHICLES (AMBULANCE, FIRE)

Mobile Towers

Using the same principles used for idle reduction, Stealth Power has developed a mobile/cell tower fuel reduction unit that reduces the reliance on generators when grid power is not available. In areas where there is high reliance on generators for cell towers, the fuel reduction can be 60% or more per installation. Perhaps even more importantly, labor for refilling generators and monitoring costs are substantially reduced.

Mobile Tower Application Stealth Power


In figure 1, you can see the traditional generator usage for mobile towers.


Mobile Tower Application SP


See Stealth Power in figure 2. Here, the cell tower only draws from the electric grid and the generator when the batteries have been reduced to 20% of capacity. At this point, the entire power output of the generator is utilized to charge the battery, rather than run the equipment.



By utilizing the Stealth Power technology, significant cost saving can be realized. As shown in figure 3, calculations were made based on the assumptions of a 14KVA generator in an area that has limited power available. The end result is a 50% reduction in fuel usage, an ROI within 18 months, and a continued operating cost reduction of 50%; the cost reduction is further enhanced with reduced maintenance cycles and lower fuel refilling costs. APPLICATION: CELL PHONE TOWER MAINTENANCE COMPANIES AND/OR OPERATORS; REMOTE OFF GRID STATIONS UTILIZING ANY OFF GRID POWER SOURCE; FIBER OR COMMUINCATIONS MAINTENANCE COMPANIES.

Cell Tower Operational Cost Savings Argument
per Stealth Power Unit
System Costs
Fuel usage (Ltrs) per year without SP system 27,372 Fuel cost (diesel per liter) $1.10
Fuel usage (Ltrs) per year SP system 13,686 SP system cost to HBC $22,770
Annual fuel cost without SP system $30,110 Local partner mark-up 50%
Annual fuel cost with SP system $15,055 Local partner unit sales price $34,155
Annual cost saving with SP system $15,955 Cost of replacement equipment $11,350
Repayment period (mos.) for customer 18.18 Assumptions Fuel usage assumptions
Repayment period in operational hours 9,958 14 KVA Generator diesel Fuel usage per hour 4,164
Cost savings per operational hour $2.29 Fuel usage using SP system 50%
  Operating Assumptions
Total hours per year 8,765
Percentage of hours in operation 75%
Total hours of operation 6,574

Load Shifting

Costs: depends on generator size and significance of energy cost differentials during day/night.

In world locations that have difficulty accessing power,the power/utility provides a tiered rate structure for using power off‐peak rather than during peak hours.

This load shifting can be as high as 25% of the difference between peak vs. off peak usage. In India, for example, the price difference in an energy unit can be as much as 22.5% if non‐peak hours are utilized. This is a guaranteed savings available every day as the load shifting discount is applied at least 5 days a week. In a test case, we used a 78,000 sq. ft., class A office space which was being utilized at 50%. The system reduced the need for a second generator, reduced fuel consumption by 75% and provided a reduction of power costs by 32%. The system cost was recouped within 9 months and the continued cost savings went directly to the owner’s bottom line.