Smart Mobile Power Management

What is Smart Mobile Power Management?

Smart Mobile Electric Power Management on a vehicle (or used independently) provides versatile mobile electric power for functions other than propulsion. Stealth Power provides intelligent energy that generates and stores electrical power to operate demanding ancillary equipment, diminish idling and reduce operational inefficiencies.

CTSI Defense Energy Challenge Winner

Law enforcement, rescue, military and public works operations all utilize vehicles with high power demands. Lights, radio, laptop, digital video, tools, bucket-lifts, refrigeration is all ancillary equipment that’s required for the operators of these vehicles to perform their job tasks. Energized by power cells, Smart Mobile Electric Power Management is non-combustible and has the ability to recharge itself. Other advantages include reducing the production of harmful emissions, silent operation and the onboard capability of being able to jump start the OEM battery. Without Smart Mobile Electric Power Management providing intelligent energy generation and storage these vehicles are forced to idle.

Idling damages the vehicle’s engine by putting unnecessary hours on the engine decreasing the vehicle’s life as well as increasing maintenance costs. Every hour the vehicle idles is the equivalent to putting 35-50 miles on the engine.

Stealth Power is a scalable application for hybrid generators. The intelligent energy capability can be used independently with solar and other sources for an efficient and seamless power generation and storage configuration.

Stand alone application of Smart Mobile Electric Power Management extends operational scalability and reduces downtime with seamless auto power cycling. In military field tests Stealth Power garnered up to a 69% in fuel savings. The savings broadened by reducing refueling trips, eliminating wet stacking and increasing generator service life.

Tactical Application Of Smart Mobile Electric Power Management.

  • Smart Mobile Electric Power Management provides energy for functions other than propulsion.
  • It is a source of temporary power when access to traditional power sources is limited.

Mobile Electric Power (PM-MEP) Management can be traced to the Vietnam Conflict, when the military faced an inordinate demand for mobile electric power in a logistically challenging environment. Today, the military looks at Smart Mobile Electric Power Management as a key battlefield strategy. Advanced warfighting relies on electric power for today’s digitized battlefields. On today’s battlefield mobile electric power extends mission capabilities, increases situational awareness and saves lives.

Stealth Power Vehicle Applications

For disaster recover or relief efforts Smart Mobile Electric Power Management is essential. We learned after Hurricane Sandy that fuel shortages are possible and crippling to our recovery. Citizens expect their community first responders to be appropriately prepared to provide power after a disaster. When municipalities equip with mobile energy management technology, it accelerates lifesaving efforts and helps preserve the safety of the responder. In the case of national disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes or even terrorist attacks first responders will need access to mobile electric power. The availability of fuel will be limited in such dire circumstances and those with the ability to generate mobile electric power will serve the greatest need and provide the quickest access in life saving situations.

During a crisis situation Stealth Power provides Smart Mobile Electric Power Management for rescue operations, while conserving fuel.

Constant use of the OEM battery to power ancillary equipment it’s not meant to power is the fastest way to drain the vehicles battery. In fact, with police vehicles running Idle in the field being such a common occurrence, a typical law enforcement vehicle will need at least six new batteries a year! With an auxiliary power unit supplying Smart Mobile Electric Power Management, the appropriate power is being used for the appropriate things. Limiting vehicle down time, controlling towing and maintenance costs are all a result of Smart Mobile Electric Power Management.

"Having reliable power is important. Many agencies buy extra cars just to compensate for vehicles with dead batteries. One customer told us that at one time up to 30% of their fleet was disabled due to dead batteries. Can you imagine having an emergency but not having the necessary police vehicles available to respond simply due to a dead battery? Our mobile electric power provides them the power they need when they need it."

- Devin Scott, CEO, Stealth Power.