EMS Vehicle

Hybrid Generator

Reduce Refuels

Silent Watch Capability

Reduce Maintenance
Low Thermal Print
Tested by the US Military
EMS Austin Skyline
"... Army should add this
capability to every
truck and generator."

Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment,
Spiral G Final Report

Mobile Energy Management with Idle Reduction Capability

Stealth Power is a complete smart power system that provides flexible and scalable mobile power for remote power applications. Stealth Power’s technology allows hybridized generator operation maximizing fuel efficiency of a constant speed generator while providing extended and seamless UPS back-up power at the same time. Stealth Power systems provide reliable, safe power for remote power applications including oil & gas, irrigation systems, mining, household, sky watch towers, cell towers, operating bases and remote electrical grids for islands and villages.

Reliable Mobile Power Supply

  • Stand alone applications for remote power when and where needed.
  • Intelligent Master Control Unit that cycles (on/off) generator operations and optimizes generator performance providing maximum fuel conservation.
  • Provides seamless extended and scalable back-up power supply eliminating loss of operational functionality.
  • Capability to incorporate solar and other renewable energy sources into an efficient and seemless power configuration.
  • Generator assist capability of carrying loads in excess of generator output capacity (surge and starting requirement).
  • Enables use of smaller generators focused on supporting average load.

Safe & Stable

  • Non-combustible / Military tested with “take to war” status / Gun shot tested.
  • Extreme temperature tolerant - Army tested from 40ºF to 176ºF.
  • Non-volatile.
  • Non hazmat rated.
  • No transportation restrictions.
  • Recyclable.

Reduces Fuel Costs

  • Significantly reduces fuel costs.
  • Reduces refueling trips and costs to remote generators.
  • Military testing on a 6.5kw generator garnered fuel savings of 69% or up to 1000 gallons of fuel annually per generator.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

  • Eliminates the number one maintenance issue - wet stacking, reducing generator breakdown.
  • Increases service life of generators while mitigating added costs associated with downtime.

Black Start

  • Capability of 15 continuous seconds of 2,400 cold cranking Amps.
  • Can operate electrical loads at 12/24 VDC and 110/220 VAC.

Estimation Chart with Hy-Gen

Generator Size 1/4 1/2 3/4 Full Load
3Kw/H 0.02 gal/hr 0.04 gal/hr 0.05 gal/hr 0.07 gal/hr
5Kw/H 0.04 gal/hr 0.06 gal/hr 0.09 gal/hr 0.11 gal/hr
10Kw/H 0.09 gal/hr 0.13 gal/hr 0.18 gal/hr 0.23 gal/hr
15Kw/H 0.14 gal/hr 0.21 gal/hr 0.28 gal/hr 0.36 gal/hr
20Kw/H 0.2 gal/hr 0.29 gal/hr 0.39 gal/hr 0.5 gal/hr
30Kw/H 0.35 gal/hr 0.48 gal/hr 0.63 gal/hr 0.79 gal/hr
40Kw/H 0.49 gal/hr 0.67 gal/hr 0.87 gal/hr 1.09 gal/hr
50Kw/H 0.6 gal/hr 0.83 gal/hr 1.07 gal/hr 1.34 gal/hr


  • Saves fuel, money and time.
  • Runs A/C and heat.
  • Allows silent watch.
  • Allows full, on scene equipment operation without idling.
  • Reduces maintenance, reduces changes of oil and fuel filters.
  • Fleet wide application with data verified savings.
  • Always have power available, unit self charges when vehicle is driven.
  • Increases vehicle MPGs.
  • Stay compliant with state and local idling regulations.
  • Extend the life on the vehicle by reducing engine wear and tear.
  • Cut back on vehicle downtime by eliminating dead batteries.
  • Reduce patient exposure to toxic emissions.
  • Improved technician working conditions.
  • System is all weather resistant is extreme temperature tolerant and maintenance free.
  • One year warranty.
  • EPA Smartway verified technology.
  • Extends engine hours warranty.
  • Extends assets longevity.
Our clients saved up to hundreds of thousand dollars annualy using our products.
Our systems can be installed on all vehicles, any fleet size.
Read our warranty policy and download it as a PDF.