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“We’ve been really impressed
with the results.”

- Scott Lindsley,
District Commander - Facility/Fleet,
Austin-Travis County EMS.

Mobile Energy Management with Idle Reduction Capability

Stealth Power EMS series is smart power management technology that operates an ambulance's auxiliary electrical load, including air conditioning, heater, refrigerator, lights, radio, computer and camera without the engine idling. The system recharges while the vehicle is driven.

Save Money

Significantly reduces fuel cost, increases service life and warranty of the vehicle.
  • Mitigates maintenance, reducing frequency of oil and fuel filter changes.
  • Reduces Fuel.
  • Reduces engine hours.
  • No maintenance.


Plug and play smart system. Recharges off the alternator and may be plugged into a dedicated 20A outlet. No maintenance required.
  • Always have power available, unit self charges when vehicle is driven.
  • Rapid charging capability.

Reduces Emissions

Reduces CO2, NOx and greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating idling; improving workplace and patient care conditions.
  • Stay compliant with state and local idling regulations.
  • EPA Smartway verified technology.
  • CARB approved technology.


Crash-tested, non-hazmat, solid state technology; recyclable.
  • Non combustible.
  • Reduce patient and technician exposure to toxic emissions.
  • Never stranded Jump-Start feature.
  • Extreme temperature tolerant. -40ºF to 176ºF.


Power when and where needed, reduces dead batteries and works in extreme temperatures.
  • Runs climate comfort systems (A/C and heat).
  • Allows full, on scene equipment operation without idling.
  • Emergency jump-start feature ensures the vehicle always has battery power to start - driver/patient never stranded.

Austin Travis County EMS

Stealth Power allows ATCEMS vehicles to maintain full power while the vehicle is turned off; this ecological development aids in the reduction of fuel consumption and green house gas emissions. “We were looking for ways to save money and reduce energy use,” said EMS Chief of Staff James Shamard, “this partnership with Stealth Power has opened the door to new economical and ecological breakthroughs for EMS and the City of Austin.”


  • Saves fuel, money and time.
  • Runs A/C and heat.
  • Allows silent watch.
  • Allows full, on scene equipment operation without idling.
  • Reduces maintenance, reduces changes of oil and fuel filters.
  • Fleet wide application with data verified savings.
  • Always have power available, unit self charges when vehicle is driven.
  • Increases vehicle MPGs.
  • Stay compliant with state and local idling regulations.
  • Extend the life on the vehicle by reducing engine wear and tear.
  • Cut back on vehicle downtime by eliminating dead batteries.
  • Reduce patient exposure to toxic emissions.
  • Improved technician working conditions.
  • System is all weather resistant is extreme temperature tolerant and maintenance free.
  • One year warranty.
  • EPA Smartway verified technology.
  • Extends engine hours warranty.
  • Extends assets longevity.
Our clients saved up to hundreds of thousand dollars annualy using our products.
Our systems can be installed on all vehicles, any fleet size.
Read our warranty policy and download it as a PDF.