Global warming, as many should know, is not just a theory, but a reality. According to NASA, the main cause behind the global warming trend is the “human expansion of the “greenhouse effect”,” a warming that results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from earth towards space. Gases that contribute to this phenomenon are carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons. Unless changes occur, global warming will continue to increase, just as we have seen over the past century. The Togiak Village, located on Alaska’s remote Bristol Bay is experiencing these effects first hand. According to the “Baked Alaska” article featured in Newsweek, the Tribal Leader of Togiak, Frank Logusak, stated there are now “shorter and warmer winters, less snow and ice, fewer bears and moose to hunt and increasingly scarce berries to gather in the summer.” These types of climate changes have severely impacted the way of life for those amongst the Togiak, along with millions across the globe. With this, we must ask ourselves, what can we do to help? Stealth Power, a mobile electric power systems company based in Austin, TX has developed an anti-idle system equipped to power the electric load of a vehicle without requiring fuel; in turn reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We must begin to rely on technologies such as this to sustain our future and protect our environment.

Obama's Administration proposes ecologically responsive emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles The Obama Administration has taken steps toward their 2nd phase in enforcing emission standards for vehicles across the United States; targeting 18-wheelers, garbage trucks and school buses. These new standards may require heavy-duty vehicles to decrease their fuel consumption by reducing their idle time, and incorporating the use of alternative energy sources. Large heavy-duty vehicles count for twenty percent of gas emissions and oil consumption throughout the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency stated that this highly anticipated proposal is projected to decrease emissions by 1 billion metric tons, and reduce oil consumption by up to 1.8 billion barrels. This proposal will not only reduce oil and gas expenditures for the United States economy, but will also improve local air quality, benefitting the ecological environment as a whole. Stealth Power provides mobile electrical power systems as an alternative energy source, and supports these new standards in order to work toward an ecologically responsive future. Stealth Power’s Long Haul mobile power and idle reduction products can operate a truck’s air conditioning, heat, TV, microwave and other electrical equipment without engine engagement, anytime, anywhere. Alongside these Long Haul mobile power systems, Stealth Power also manufactures and distributes electrical power systems to Emergency Response, Public Safety and Military vehicles across the United States.

4080 n ATCEMS has just become green with the help of Stealth Power Green powered electrical systems have just taken over the vehicles of the Austin-Travis County EMS department through the newest collaboration with Stealth Power. This innovative partnership has opened the door to new economical, and ecological developments for the City of Austin. Stealth Power has distributed 21 power systems into the fleets of ATCEMS, along with 5 more on the way. Stealth Power's green powered technology systems allow for the ATCEMS vehicles to maintain full power while the vehicle is turned off; this ecological development aids in the reduction of fuel consumption and green house gas emissions. "We were looking for ways to save money and reduce energy use,” said EMS Chief of Staff James Shamard, "this partnership with Stealth Power has opened the door to new economical and ecological breakthroughs for EMS and the City of Austin." These highly innovative energy advances support the City of Austin’s Green Initiatives to improve the environment by:

  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Diminishing the rate of green house gas emissions
  • Providing an alternative green powered energy system

This Friday, June 5th, is the 41st annual celebration of World Environment Day: a day to raise global awareness to take green initiatives in order to preserve and improve the environment. Stealth Power proudly celebrates this day, and the importance of finding green alternatives in order to strive for a greener tomorrow. "We wanted to discuss the positive impact the Stealth Power green energy solution will have on our immediate environment and bring awareness for World Environment Day to the greater Austin community" said ATCEMS Public Information Officer Michael Benavides. This groundbreaking collaboration holds a bright future for the safety forces across Austin, and the sustainability for a greener tomorrow.

Does your wallet feel a little heavier? It's been a fun question to ask this year as slumping oil prices made gasoline cheaper for everyone. The price of gasoline has dropped 28 percent since May 2014, and government analysts say American households will save an average of $700 at the pump this year, compared with last year. That's a sizable amount for a lot of families, though it shouldn't be as noticeable as a tax break or a rebate. Gasoline savings trickle in as you fill up. At the current forecast, drivers should save maybe $58 per month on gasoline. Still, a lot of people say they've seen a difference. Bankrate asked what everyone is doing with their savings as part of this month's Financial Security Index survey: The majority said they spent it on groceries or rent, while others invested the money. A small percentage of people told us exactly what they were doing with the dough. Their responses usually mentioned charities or helping family members pay their debts. At least one respondent had nothing better to do with the savings than "drinking whiskey." Here's what people told Bankrate's survey partner, Princeton Survey Research International, when asked about what they did with the money. Some of the responses are edited for clarity. How did you spend the money you saved on gas ? Read more:

What type of renewable energy does Stealth Power incorporate into their systems? Stealth Power can integrate renewable energy sources from wind turbines and/or solar panels in order to reduce usage of the generator, which reduces fuel consumption, green house gas emission and maintenance.
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