About Us


Stealth Power provides intelligent energy management for fleets seeking mobile auxiliary power, idle reduction solutions and organizations requiring remote, wireless or hybridized generator power.

We are the global leader in mobile energy management and idle reduction technology. The Stealth Power system has prevented the release of thousands of tons of hazardous emissions, conserved gallons of fuel and allowed fleets around the world to realize millions of dollars in savings.

Identified and recognized as a “take to war” technology by the U.S. Army, Stealth Power, a clean technology, enables organizations to cut costs, maintain asset value, minimize dependence on foreign oil, and reduce emissions. Law enforcement, emergency services, utility companies, or departments of transportation, work truck and long haul centric companies can retrofit existing vehicle assets with Stealth Power to instantly realize budget relief.

Manufactured in the USA, we maintain only the highest standard of excellence. As our partner, our first priority is delivering you effective solutions. We’ll be behind every gallon of fuel you save; knowing you have the power you need when and where you need it.