EMS Vehicle
EMS Series
Keeps you safe
Easy to use
Reduces emissions
Saves Fuel
Saves Money
EMS Austin Skyline
“We’ve been really impressed
with the results.”

- Scott Lindsley,
District Commander - Facility/Fleet,
Austin-Travis County EMS.
EMS Vehicle
Hybrid Generator
Reduce Refuels
Silent Watch Capability
Reduce Maintenance
Low Thermal Foot Print
Tested by the US Military
EMS Austin Skyline
"... Army should add this
capability to every
truck and generator."

Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment,
Spiral G Final Report

Stealth Power Systems / Smart Mobile Electric Power - Idle Reduction.

Stealth Power develops and manufacturers smart electric power systems that provide power to run a vehicles electrical equipment including auxiliary HVAC, heat, lights, camera, communication equipment, weapons systems, surveillance equipment and power tools without idling the engine. This reduction of prolonged idling substantially reduces fuel usage and costs while increasing operational performance. Stealth Power products can substantially augment vehicle auxiliary electrical power and stand-alone generator power production to realize savings, increase capabilities and organizational efficiencies.


Reduce IdleReduce Idle

Turn-key providing power without engaging your engine on.


Decrease your dependency to fossil fuel and reduce gas emissions.

Save FuelSave Fuel

Don't waste your gas Idling. Spend less time at the pump.

Comply with the LawComply with the Law

Stay compliant with current and upcoming idle laws to avoid tickets.

Save MoneySave Money

Save on your fuel and maintenance budget.

Extend Assets LogevityExtend Longevity

Extend maintenance cycles, ghost-miles on your engine and extend your vehicle's life.